Internet Art

Inspired by Julian Stallabrass’s book Art Incorporated and a web exhibition on the nude, I have been investigating the phenomena of Internet Art, if indeed there is such a thing.

To be Internet Art, it not only has to be on the internet it also has to be non-transferable. There has to be something about the piece that binds it to the medium. This is why something like The Bubble Project is not really internet art.

Secondly, it’s free, which is why it will never be recognized by gallerists or collectors: it has no monetary value or social cachet. Even if a piece of internet art was conceptually breathtaking and stunningly beautiful, it would be surely ignored. Perhaps the only cachet you get from it is if you partake in some collaborative work yourself. For instance, I recently submitted a photo of the view from my window and an mp3 of the background noise to l’appareil’s Window Standpoint Series. The gloominess of Glasgow and the endless stream of traffic from the M8 appear in my entry.

If anyone can direct me towards some distinctly web-based artworks, I would be very grateful. I’ve looked at, but there’s just too much stuff.

Link: Window Standpoint