Whither the Magazine? an update

They say you can only do another marathon when you’ve forgotten the agony of the previous one. The same could be said of producing a magazine. All the details that make it such an enormous undertaking are blithely ignored until they hit you around two thirds in.

This time round, The Mind’s Construction is being put together in a way that is sustainable. This not only means that it is being printed on recycled paper, but also that I’ve had to learn how to manage projects and generally Get Things Done in a way that doesn’t lead me to get ill (the more I think about it, the more I suspect that my appendicitis was connected to the pressure of the deadline).

I have often said that it isn’t worth producing issue one of a magazine unless issue two is certain to appear (and on time). It is because of this setting out of the grand plan (plus a lot of web design commitments) that issue one continues to be delayed. Rest assured, it will almost definitely appear in April. Spring is here, optimism is in the air: what can go wrong?