The End

Dear Reader,

It is with great regret that I concede defeat and admit to myself that I don’t have the time to edit a quarterly magazine. Despite valiant efforts and wonderful contributions, the Mind’s Construction (Quarterly) is no longer a going concern.

Others have offered to keep the TMC torch alight whilst I go off and do other things, but in each case they themselves have busy lives and it deserves, I think, full dedication.

This site will remain as a permanent (or as permanent as you can get on the internet) record of all the great pieces we were honoured to publish.

Most notable of these are those that would have appeared in the second palpable version of the magazine:

Mistah Haines, He Dead – An Interview with Luke Haines
by Jamie Manners
What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing by Andrew Ward (aka Wardytron)
Capitalism and Bipolar Disorder by Mark Fisher (aka K-Punk)
Rip Off Your Lables by Stephen O’Hagan
How Very Dare You by Dickon Edwards
An Interview with Pat Kane by Neil Scott
The New Satire by Robert Wringham
Where Did We Dumb From by James Ward

Also of note are the following newly published pieces:

An Interview with Stewart Home by Neil Scott
An Interview with Stewart Lee by Robert Wringham
Following KK by Charlie Phillips
Tattooing by Darren Harvey
A Novelist’s Diary by J.O. Hudson
The Tragedy of Entertainment by Laura Griffin

I hope you enjoy reading these articles. Please do get in touch if you have any queries.

With best regards,

Neil Scott, former editor of The Mind’s Construction (Quarterly)