Seasons: a reckoning

Welcome to The Mind’s Construction Quarterly. The eagerly anticipated first issue will be published on 15th February 2006 1st March 2006 very soon.

A quarterly magazine, I would hazard, ought to publish a new issue around four times a year. When they appear is almost arbitrary – just so long as it is at regularly spaced intervals and each has an identifying issue number.

Some magazines, however, take it into their heads to align each number with the weather and, like a mention of Vivaldi, this inevitably leads one to think about the seasons. But when do seasons begin and end?

According to wikipedia, Spring can begin as early as February 1st and as late as April 1st. It all depends whether you go by the Traditional, Meterological or Astronomical calendars. And that’s just in the Northern hemisphere. Imagine the problems faced by an Anglo-Australian quarterly.

All of which leads me to the terrible news that the publication of the Spring issue of the Mind’s Construction Quarterly has been put back to the 1st March some time in April. I can guarantee that it will be worth the wait.