The Beat Up – Alright

One of the key shocks of my lexicographical life was discovering that the word ‘Alright’ isn’t in the dictionary. How could I describe how I really, truly felt without its aid? The two word version – ‘all right’ – just wasn’t the same at all. A few years later, Supergrass released a single called ‘Alright’ and my confusion about its acceptability grew. Fortunately, the latest Concise Oxford includes it, along with a snide aside about the fact that many authorities disapprove of it, despite allowing similar words like ‘altogether’.

‘Alright’ is an essential word for the simple reason that it perfectly evokes that very particular teenage disaffection with the world that can only be galvanized by rock music. For adults, though, ‘alright’ is a lazy way of batting away that which holds no interest. Which brings me neatly to on to The Beat Up, whose latest slice of sub-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rawk is alright in both senses.