Fairies vs Vichy

The Fairies’ Pink Socks Rock (F*** My Hole), previously heard on the first Angular records CD, is a terrifying piece of post-feminist rawk. The chorus changes each time from ‘suck my tit’ to ‘lick my c***’ to ‘f*** my hole.’ Frankly, I was captivated.

The oddest thing about The Fairies, ignoring the fact that they wear fairy wings 24 hours a day, is that their favourite music isn’t Hole or the Violent Femmes, but The Kinks, Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene. Unfortunately, their second song lays bare these influences and is all the worse for it.

The Vichy Government’s track, The Immortals, is a satirical swipe at the world of Nip/Tuck and should be sent to the producers immediately. If they can form a bloody montage to Paint it Black, then they can do the same to the casio ‘n’ Shankhill harshness of Vichy. As a hybrid of Heat magazine and Gulliver in Luggnagg, it is intriguing, but lacks the punch of their second song, Oliver Cromwell in Weimar Berlin.

As on The Immortals, Jamie Manners simply combines two antithetical ideas and describes the sparks that fly. The song is full of neat couplets like:

I tried to stay disdainful, sardonic,
But a part of me found it somehow erotic.


Oliver Cromwell in Weimar Berlin,
Puritan lost in a city of sin.
Will he claim sanctuary in the chapel
Or will he bite the serpent’s apple.

There is no one else writing songs like this. Of course, a producer could give The Vichy Government a nip and a tuck to make them look more presentable, but in doing so they would surely lose all their uncanny charm.