Anthony Reynolds

Anthony Reynolds is a poet, a lyricist, a musician, a visionary and, some have said, a drunk. Recently removed from the city in order to be less bohemian, this is a man who once spent three months in his pyjamas. But now, after several years recording under the names Jack and Jacques, Anthony Reynolds is embarking upon a solo career,
look out for his latest release, Neu York.


Anthony Reynolds

Character is destiny. You are fascinating enough to be questionnaired by The Mind’s Construction. Starting with where and when you were born, could you briefly describe your life up to this point? 

I was born in ’71. I was born in the Ice age. I was born in a foreign place. I was born in South Wales.

Now and since- how to get back while going forward.

There is no progress. Yet time relentlessly pursues you in one direction or another. If you were plotting your life’s trajectory on a graph, what would the line look like?

A blunt stylus skipping over a 78rpm disc.

But ‘What’s beyond the Radiogram?’-This is the question that increasingly disturbs me.

Keep that line in mind. Describe the zenith. Relate the nadir.

For reference, experience the immediate pre- and post- orgasm. Plugged into the Universe one moment, lost and shipwrecked upon some grubby, inner city shore the next.

Consciousness is a mere ripple on the surface of the lake that is our mind. Tell me last dream you can remember having.

Geri Halliwell, only attractive, pursuing me through London’s financial district. I’m trying to get home, It’s post clubbing, 4am and yet the area is oddly sun-lit.

She keeps catching me at every tower block corner, taking my head in her hands and telling me that I’m beautiful.

Eventually, she becomes to seem beautiful to me, and I’m on the brink of giving in when I’m arrested.

She runs off and I’m in the back of a limo-like police car.

I manage to drop a vial of some illicit substance that I’ve been carrying and kick it under the seat.

We head off into a pre-dawn sunset and everything is yellow and merging.

Truth is felt by instinct, a process which saves time and trouble. Choose – instinctively – from these:

Satisfied Fool or Dissatisfied Socrates?

Neither nor.

Skimmed Milk or Full Fat?


Boys or Girls?

Some are.

Standing Up or Sitting Down?

Upside down your head.

Mum or Dad?


Bookmarks or Folded Corners?

Lost Gifts

(If you had to be) Blind or Deaf?

Sammy Davis Jnr

Poetry or prose?


Atheist or Believer?


Does the mind rule the body or the body rule the mind?

God save Mike Joyce.

Animal, Mineral or Plant?

Henry Miller.

There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face. What are the differences between your external appearance and your internal make-up?

It’s all and only in what frames the eyes. Not the eyes themselves. Eyeballs on a table are just that and only that.