Stephen HOST


1. Who are you?

Stephen, son, brother, temp.

2. No, really, who are you?

Stephen HOST. In the band HOST

3. What are you up to at the moment?

Working for the civil service in a temporary capacity. Not listening to the album HOST have recorded but wondering if it is any good. Hoping that I
have enough cash to cover my bills this month. Always running chords through my head and worrying that I might have forgotten what I was writing
before I went to bed last night.

4. What three rules would make up your manifesto?


5. If you were the dictator of a modern industrial country, what would
you abolish? What laws would you implement?

I’d abolish the 5 day working week.
I’d introduce the 4 day week, or maybe the continental shift system

6. What are your lyrics about?

The processes I observe in myself and in others, their interaction and reaction. I set out viewing from a distance but inevitably end up closer
with some of myself thrown in.

7. What is your opinion on the contemporary music scene? What do you

The contemporary music scene? Hmm. I won’t lie. Out of work a lot of my time is taken up with HOST. I like to see live bands but don’t get to
that often. I dislike dishonesty, lyrical cliche, and progressions I can see coming a mile off. I like being surprised and made to smile. As a
guitar player I’m always hoping to see something refreshing done. Doesn’t happen often though.

8. What distinguishes you from your peers?

Musical peers? We’re a democracy who can think clearly and get things done. We work to create a harmony of sounds that compete for your
attention. There is no lead instrument in HOST really.

Other Peers? I play guitar, Rob plays bass, Jim plays moog, and James drums. Beyond that tight circle I don’t really know. I know a good group
of people equally passionate about music as we are. Those who aren’t making
music are encountering the same day to day circumstances, dissatisfaction, and pleasures that we are. When you and almost everyone you know is just
about managing to pay their way, lives and experiences do become shared.

9. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I hate that question. I really don’t plan ahead and have terrible trouble committing to anything. London does not currently afford me that

10. Any regrets?

Yes but no.