Last Wednesday I performed the world’s first ever proper egogeographical walk.

Preliminary attempts at egogeography undertook when I was living in London were thwarted by being either done on a bike or being lax with the rules. Plus there’s the fact that the word didn’t exist.

Since coining it on the Monday, I thought it best to devise a set of rules, conditions and explanatory notes, which I shall outline below:

  1. Egogeography is the act of walking from point A to point B. With Egogeography both points have some supernumerary, egoistic meaning.
  2. For example, last Wednesday I walked from Neil Street in Renfrew to Scott Street in Garnethill. If your name is uncommon then by all means use other significant words. For instance, Rhodri Marsden could walk from Keaton Road (he used to be in a band called The Keatons) to French Street (he’s in The Free French).
  3. Insofar as it has a purpose or a utility, it is to divest oneself of egoism. By visiting places you wouldn’t ordinarily see, by forcing oneself into random situations, by reflecting – alone – on the non-spaces you find yourself in, your sense of reality is broadened.

This is a work in progress. The author is not responsible for any dangers encountered on egogeographical walks.