The Mind’s Construction Quarterly (TMCQ) is a quad-annual magazine that looks inside the mind of culture. We recognize that in art, literature, popular culture, science and philosophy there has been a turn towards the mind: from consciousness studies and evolutionary psychology to contemporary pop-philosophy and the media chatter about Celebrity Big Brother – all contribute to a wider interest in human psychology, an interest which TMCQ aims to cultivate and satisfy.

The format of TMCQ does away with much of the excesses of modern magazines, whose glossy superficiality is beginning to look redundant in the age of the webzine. It is intellectual and content-driven, elegant and entertaining, reviving the style of austere periodicals like Horizon and Scrutiny, both of which delivered sustainable development and influence far greater their more profligate rivals.

After the successful trial of The Mind’s Construction pilot issue, the team have spent the last year refining its ideals and identity before the launch of the rebranded TMCQ magazine.

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“I tip [it] to rival the great ‘Strand Magazine.'” John Moore.
“Highly recommended.” Dickon Edwards.
“a superb read” Stewart Smith, Beard Magazine.


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